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A lovely way to wrap up a year

I had the pleasure of launching this website just yesterday. Hali Schwartz is a beloved yoga teacher in Toronto, and has been website-less for several years. It was a joy to create this site with its abundant imagery from India, where Hali leads yoga retreats. My eyes are full of India. Have a look

It has been a great year for both print and websites, 2014. In August I launched a website to accompany a rebrand for a small but mightily luxurious accessories shop in Rosedale, Luxe Style. The website has contributed to 100% growth in sales for this client since launch. That's some nice news to hear at the end of the year! Watch for e-commerce potential here in 2015...

In another industry entirely, I launched a fantastic new website for Quadrant Marine Institute in Sidney, B.C. in early November of 2014. Quadrant is a training institute and advocate for the marine services industry, offering a programme that provides extensive and well-rounded training for service and repair of small water craft. Their 4-year apprenticeship programme furnishes graduates with a Marine Services Technician ticket, and the grounding and experience they need to be highly valuable employees to a broad range of prospective employers. Next steps: building a strategy and communications package for outreach to international institutions to partner with this unique programme and provide high quality training around the world.


The new year is looking good from here! Best wishes all!

Cheers to the end of a good year and on to a shiny new 2015!


For the Love of Body

I am pleased to announce the successful launch of a brand new blog and e-commerce website for the lovely nutritionist and yogi, Kathrin Brunner, and her company, For the Love of Body

With Squarespace and Stripe, Kathrin has an easy to manage blog, and a clean and efficient tool to announce, promote, and take registrations for her DIY workshops on healthy lifestyle choices: from non-toxic customizable body care products to veggie fermentation to wild-food foraging. And for clients who want to buy those yummy products pre-made, Kathrin's new e-commerce system makes that easy too — for her and her customers.