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Ah, yoga!

I have been practicing yoga for many years, in varying degrees of commitment through different stages of my life. When my favourite studio announced they would offer a yoga teacher training program this spring, it felt like the time was ripe to take this practice deeper! With only one month (out of four) left to go, I am so pleased with that choice. A period of sustained, intensive practice and learning, with the guidance and support of great teachers, has been such a powerful experience. How amazing to come to old barriers and find them gone, to study poses that seem impossible and begin to see my way in. 

A few weeks ago, a photographer from the Toronto Star came to take pictures at the studio for an article on "The Rise of Yoga" in Toronto. I was shy to pose with my co-students and teachers, but it was fun! I am glad I did, though I didn't make it into the newspaper!


Thanks to photographer Rene Johnston of the Toronto Star.