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Wood Unit 1 - Wood


Wood Unit 2 - Decay

Most internet sites related to rot promote epoxy fillers. Some worthwhile information about causes and prevention can be found on some sites:


Wood Unit 3 Wood Construction

There are countless web sites related to wood boat building, either traditional or more modern techniques. Here are just a few:


Wood Unit 4 - Repairs


Wood Unit 5 - Laminating


Wood Unit 6 - Fairing



Design Unit 1 - Terminology terms.htm

Design Unit 2 - Drawings

Sites with tutorials on drawing/drafting techniques:

Design Unit 3 - Hydrostatics


Design 4 - Form & Comparisons


Design Unit 5 - Stability

Regulatory Information:


Design Unit 6 - Powering

A few sites related to hull design:

Software used for hull design:


Design Unt 7 - Propellers

Several sites can be found that offer automatic prop sizing calculators. These should be used with caution, and only to get a rough estimate of the size/pitch required.

There are a great number of manufacturers and retailers of marine propellers. Some of them do offer guidance on correct propeller selection. Search under the name of major propeller or engine manufacturers.


Design Unit 8 - Lofting




Installations 1 - Hauling etc.




Boatyard Hauling Equipment

There are sites that deal is boatyard lifting equipment. Search under boatyard lift, boat lifting, etc.


Installations 2 - Engines


Marine drive trains:


Engine mounts:


Installations 3 - Engine Systems


Fuel System:

Exhaust System:,6039.aspx

Morse controls:


Installations Unit 4 - Shafts

Shaft Materials:

Shafting and Bearings:




Installations Unit 5 - Propellers

Some PropellerTypes and Materials information:

Prop Removal Tools:


Installations Unit 6 - FW Plumbing


Installations Unit 7 - Waste Plumbing


Installations Unit 8 - Engine Replacement

A few of the major marine engine manufacturers' web sites. Others are easy to find on the web. These sites help with engine selection, models, specifications, etc.

Lifting gear and safety.



Installations Unit 9 - Engine Servicing

For most routine engine maintenance work it is necessary to search under the particular engine make and model, so this page would be almost endless! The following offer some tips and sources for engine manuals. For most routine servicing, all that is needed is the Owners Manual. The Engine Manual or Engine Service Manual will cost more and be far more detailed.


Installations Unit 10 - Lubricants

Engine Oil:


Installations Unit 11 - Controls

Engine Controls:

Engine monitoring:

Engine alarms:


Installations Unit 12 - Hydraulics


Installations Unit 13 - Steering


Installations Unit 14 - Hardware

Installations Unit 15 - Thru Hulls


Installations Unit 16 - Propane


Installations 17 - Heating


Installations Unit 18 - Refrigeration


Installations Unit 19 - Salvage


Installations Unit 20 - Engine Salvage

Installations Unit 21 - Alarms‎


Installations 22 - Davits/Hoists

Business Practices

BP1 Professionalism & Human Relations

There are many resources in the business and management area related to leadership and team building; here are just a few.

There are plenty of references for conflict resolution as well, many of them related.

BP2 Communications

Articles and sites dealing with workplace communications:

BP 3 Boatyard Economics

BP 5 Quality Control

BP 6 Marine Surveying & Insurance

BP6 Boatyard Project Management

There are hundreds of web sites related to project management, project management tools, training, and companies that specialize in the field. Below are just a few samples.

BP7 Environmental Protection


C 1 Introduction to Plastics

The history of plastics:


Types and characteristics of plastics:


MEKP Catalyst

C2 Resins and Gelcoats

Resins and gelcoats:


Fillers: Many resin manufacturers and suppliers also market filler materials.

C3 FRP Reinforcements

Glass materials:


High performance fibres:


A good site for information on fibres and styles:

C 4 Cored Laminates

C5 Gel Coat Repairs

Note that there are many DYI web sites on the internet. Some give good advice, some are misleading or even incorrect. Always search for information from reliable sources.

C6 Non-Skid Surfaces

Here are just a few links to marine non-skid information and suppliers ...

Fillers - Cabosil™ and Aerosil™ products:

Levelling agents:

Search under “Marine Non-skid” for many links to coatings and glue on non-skid surfaces, or search under the common trade name for a particular product.

Particulates for combining with other coatings:


Casting patterns for reproducing regular patter non-skid.

C7 Composite Structural Repairs

These links were located using keywords 'composite repair taper':

Personal protection while working with glass dust:

C8 Fin Keel Structural Repairs

C9 Osmosis & Blistering

C10 Plug & Mold Fabrication Design

C11 Plug & Mold Fabrication Materials & Procedures

C12 Fabrication Guidelines & Small Craft Assembly

C13 Vacuum Bagging

(search for vacuum bagging)

C14 FRP Reinforcing Structures

History and construction of FRP boats and reinforcements:

Core Materials:

C15 FRP Rudder Repairs

C16 Thermoplastics

C17 Sheathing Wood Structures

C18 Repairing High Performance Composites


E1 Intro to Electrical Installations

Basic electricity and circuits:


Test instruments (multimeter, Amprobe®):

E2: Basic Electrical Systems

Some sites related to extension cords and voltage drop:

E3 Electrical Schematics & Wiring Diagrams

Electrical Diagrams and Symbols:


Standards and Regulations:

E4 Electrical Devices & Wiring

E5 Marine Batteries

Electronics 1 Marine Electronics

All of the major manufacturers, as well as large vendors like West Marine, have excellent information available online.  Here are a few other online resources.

Electronics 2 Data Networks


P1 Paint and Varnish

P2 Anti-fouling Coatings

Related sites:

P3 Waterlines & Hull Stripes

P4: Multi-component Paints

P5 Repairing Multi-Component Paint


M1: Marine Metalworking

M2 Metal Boat Construction

The following is a cross section of web sites related to metal boat building. There are many more.

M3 Corrosion

M4 Coatings for Metals

Tools 1 Hand Tools

Wikipedia is a good place to identify tools and their uses:

There are many tool sources; here are just a few:

T2 Portable Power Tools

The following links have many resources, videos, etc. on tool safety.

T3 Stationary Power Tools

There are many web sites related to power tool safety. Try searching under 'stationary power tools safety. Here are just a few:

T4 Compressed Air Systems

T5 Spray Equipment

T6 Fasteners

T7 Adhesives & Bedding Compounds

T8 Abrasives

Ma1 Marine Trade Math Basics

Some sites with many common formulas and on-screen calculators:

Some on-line metric-imperial conversion sites:


Ma2 Density, Area & Volume Math

There are many on-line area and volume calculators for the shapes covered in this unit as well as many other more complex shapes, like spheres and cones. Search under terms like 'geometry calculators', etc.

Formulas and calculators for density and specific gravity can be found the same way:

Ma3 Measurement Math

Ma4 Layout & Fitting

Using a Joggling Stick


R1 Sailboat Masts, Rigging & Sails


Wire Terminals, etc.:

General Hardware:



R2 Stepping & Unstepping Sailboat Rigs


S1 Boatyard Emergencies

Here are some links to safety equipment sites:

Fire Fighting Equipment and Info

S2 WHMIS & WorkSafe BC

On-line Resources


Here are just a few links to internet sources of safety information:

A wealth of safety information is available at the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) web site at:

The Health Canada government site for WHMIS 2015:

Other WHMIS 2015 links:


Many more can be found by searching under terms like: WHMIS and SDS

To see actual SDS information it is often easy to go to manufacturers’ or suppliers’ web sites and follow links to their safety data, usually under tabs such as ‘product information’ or ‘technical data’.